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Sunday, February 9, 2014

tea time

{Bathers Pavilion - August 2013}
When Joan made a surprise visit last August, I we wanted to make her second to the last day in Sydney special. We wanted to do high tea by the beach. Unfortunately, Bathers Pavilion have stopped serving their high tea so just ordered cake, pastry and scones plus of course the teas. I would say, it is pretty much what you get with a high tea set minus the sandwiches and champagne. Overall we were quite happy and full with what we had. It was just a perfect afternoon at the beach with great food and my bestie. That was one of the best days of my life in Sydney.

The food may be a bit pricey but considering the location and the view, I say it is well worth it. If ever you are in Sydney and you find yourself in Balmoral beach, I strongly suggest you visit Bathers Pavilion.

Monday, January 27, 2014

NZ breky

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Still alive and eating my way through life :) I feel bad that I have been remiss in updating this blog. Will not make excuses for my absence. But vowing to keep it up to date this coming days.

First up, this fantastic Crepe and Coffee I had while I was in Wellington, New Zealand. Both can be found at the weekend market near Te Papa Museum.

I just have to say, I love weekend markets. Being in one always makes me feel like I'm in a scene of a movie. Don't ask me why. It is just how I feel.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand. I had the Nutella Crepe from the stall called "The Crepe Makers". The crepe was really good. But I may be biased since chocolate and pastry is always good in my books. I wanted to try the other variations but after one, I was already too full. The stall seemed really popular among the local crowd since it was one of the stalls that had a long queue. I did not mind the wait because it was worth it.

A great partner for the crepe was the Flat White Coffee (only available in OZ and NZ) I ordered in the Organic Coffee stall. Not quite sure what the difference is between a normal coffee and an organic one, tasted the same to me. But the coffee was good though. Better than StarBucks :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

D' Buzz: Puto May + Mangga

Not a big fan of D' Buzz's Puto Maya + Mangga. It would have been a perfect combination if not for the Salabat powder on top of the Puto Maya.

I have never been a fan of strong ginger flavor. I think that is my main complaint. I wish they did not put Salabat powder on it. Or maybe they could have place it on the side and anybody who would have like the flavor could add it themselves.

On the bright side, their mango was just yummy. Super sweet and just the right ripeness.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mcdo: Sea Weed Fries

Oh how I miss this fries. McDonald's only has this for a period of time. I think they alternate the flavors throughout the year. And of all the flavors this is my favorite.

It may sound weird, sea weed flavored fries, but don't hate it before you have tried it. I assure you, you will be hooked just as I am. I have been waiting for them to bring this back. Hopefully they will do it soon!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hokkien hae mee

Hokkien hae mee (Hokkien prawn noodles) or more commonly known as Prawn Mee noodles is one of the Best Singaporean dishes. This is one local dish that I crave for.

The best tasting Prawn Mee that I have had is the one in Wisma Food Republic. It always keeps me coming back for more. While others were just blah.

Not exactly sure how to describe the taste. It does not come close to any Filipino dish that I can compare it to. But it is very flavorful noodles with seafood (prawns & squid) and egg. You can choose to add chili or not. I usually do with one extra lime. Perfect to the taste buds.

All visitors I have had was introduced to Prawn Mee and so far I have not had any misses. Everyone loved it. Either that or they were just pretending. Hahaha. But a major feather on my cap was when my sister (who is very choosy in the food that she eats) said she really liked it! :) Super duper success. Hehehe.

Come and visit me so we can eat Prawn Mee together! :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

J. Co

This is my second favorite donut. J. Co's Alcapone donut. It is a ring doughnut spread with Belgian white chocolate, topped with slivers of California almonds. It is sooo good! And the best part about it for me is that it is not too sweet! Just the perfect amount of sweetness topped with oh so yummy almonds which is also a favorite.

You will never go wrong when you order this. I hear they have opened a branch in Manila. I hope they also open in Cebu. For me, this can battle Krispy Kreme's glazed donut (which is my all-time fave!)

Don't take my word for it. Try it to believe!:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I wish McWrap was also sold here in McDonalds Singapore. Had these when I was in Rome's train station, on my way to Florence. Did not have enough time to eat lunch so I just grabbed this before boarding the train.

When I eat at popular food chains when I travel, I usually order items on the menu that are unique to the place. It gives me a sense of still trying something new even if it is dining at McDonalds.

One down side of it is, the taste could haunt me forever when I like the food. Hopefully, I get to go back to Italy have these again sometime in the future.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bohol Bee Farm: D' Buzz Ice Cream

If you want to try unique flavored ice cream, head on out to Bohol Bee Farm in Tagbilaran Bohol. They have flavors such as: Malunggay, Spicy Ginger, Pandan, Buko, Durian, Ube, Mango.

I tried their Malunggay and Spicy Ginger. I liked the Malunggay flavor. It did not taste like Malunggay. Or rather, I'm not sure if Malunggay tasted like that since I only have it in soups and its flavor is normally over powered by whatever meat is placed in the soup.

It was just like eating vanilla ice cream, only difference is there was this distinct after taste that is not there when you eat vanilla ice cream. But I rather enjoyed it.

As for the Spicy Ginger, not so much. Although, I liked the fact that I tried a weird flavor ice cream but I just could not finish it. It was just too gingery for me. Not my cup of tea. But if you are up for some taste challenge, I suggest you give it a try.

Check out their website.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

IKEA: Chicken Wings

Once you've tasted IKEA's Chicken Wings, you will forever be hooked on it. That is what happened to me anyway. It is so addicting that I find myself heading to IKEA as often as I can. Aside from the fact that the meat is very tasty, I like the crispiness of the chicken skin. I think that is the number one thing that makes me keep coming back for more. Even without breading, it is crunchy. Goes well with their vegetarian pasta. Yummy!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saybons: Ham & Cheese Crepe

Tired of the usual places we eat at. Joan and I decided to try the French restaurant in Plaza Singapura called Saybons. Their menu consisted of various crepes, salads, soups and escargot (soo frenchie).

As much as I would have wanted to be adventurous and try their escargot, I opted for a safer choice of Ham & Cheese Crepe for the sake of my wallet. It was that time of the month where I had to watch my expenses.

Anyhoo, I was not the least bit disappointed with my choice. Loved the crepe. I used to thing that crepes were only for dessert. I guess it just goes to show how ignorant I am and that I still had so many food to discover. Makes me want to go back to Paris and gorge myself on Frensh food and not just their bread, which was what I had most of the time I was there. Next time :)

In the meantime, I will discover more cuisines here in SG and maybe go back to Saybons and try their Escargot. By the way, their Wild mushroom soup was also delish! Many reasons to go back still.

Warning: if you are used to having a big meal, then might not be a good idea to dine here. But if you are on a diet, it's the perfect place:)  To view their menu, you can visit their site here.